"Life is amazingly good when it's simple and amazingly simple when it's good." ~ Terri Guillemets

Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year

Year in review...

As some of you know, I have another blog at Old Time Pickers.
Some of the above photos have appeared there.
From here on out, I'll be blogging about my country life and more on this blog. 
The Old Time Pickers blog will now be about my pickin' and shop adventures.

And now is the perfect time to thank y'all for your support and friendship.
I'd also like to welcome and thank all new followers. I do appreciate it.

Wishing you country blessings and some good old times in the coming year!
Farmhouse Hugs and Happy New Year,

Friday, December 28, 2012

Featured Whites - Country Whites Weekend #1

Well, you did it! And I'm delighted you did!
We threw a party and you came ready to join in on the fun!

You embraced your country whites and shared them with us!  
You inspired us. You took us home. You filled us with country charm.

I , along with The Country Farm Home, truly wish to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for joining us at our first Country Whites Weekend. We are so honored and feel privileged to call you our country gal friends!

So are you ready?
It's time to announce our features! The top three with the most views...

1. Christmas in the Dining Room by Ohio Farm Girl

Where do I even start?!? All the festive whites mixed with silver!

And you need to see the built-ins within in her fabulous home.
Please country check it out! She'd be pleased if ya paid her a visit.

We all love an old, rustic barn surrounded by freshly fallen snow,especially 12+ inches of it.
Sigh. Please country check it out! She'd be tickled for ya to come on over.

Details! It's about the details all throughout her home.
She truly captured the essence of the meaning of country whites.
Please country check it out! She'd be pleased you dropped by.

And now for
my Country Whites pick of the month...


How many country gals throw their enamelware out into the snow for a photo shoot!?!
And then, throw some red into the mix for a pop of color!


Jann is a real rebel and makes me laugh! Go country check her out so she can make ya smile.

Next,  go on over to visit my Country Whites partner at The Country Farm Home to see her pick of the month. Better hurry. I think she's waiting for you.

If you were featured, please feel free to grab our button to place on your blog.

Country Whites Weekend is always held the third Friday of every month.
The next party will be held January 18 so mark your calendar.
We're looking forward to seeing y'all then!

Farmhouse hugs,

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Embrace Your Journey

As I look down upon my new farm boots (thank you, Santa),
I visualize the journey I wish to embark upon this coming year.
I've never been one to make resolutions. Just not my style.
But I do like to reflect and contemplate if my journey is on the right path as I try to keep my life sweet and simple. I continually have an 'old time' desire to get back to the basics.

Right now...
I bake my own bread. Do I need to make a sourdough starter so my bread is healthier?
I tend to my garden during its normal season. Do I need to extend my garden so I can harvest year round?
I have a rooster. Do I need to take the leap and get some chickens for fresh eggs?
I do some canning of fruits and vegetables. Do I need to make a pantry to put up and store more food?

These are just a few thoughts and ideas I'm considering.
With the new year arriving, now is the time to prepare for my journey.
I plan to journal what I attempt whether it turns out good, bad, or anything in between.

Currently, I'm in the information mode with stacks of books and magazines by my side.
As I sift and sort through all of it, I'm truly inspired.

I'm about ready to embrace my journey for the new year.
How about you? Do you have a journey?

Farmhouse hugs for the new year,

Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Blessings

May you and yours have a beautiful Christmas!
Farmhouse Holiday Hugs,

Friday, December 21, 2012

Country Whites Weekend #1

Welcome to Country Whites Weekend!
It’s plain and simple and oh, so sweet.
Embrace your country whites and share them here!  
Inspire us. Take us home. Fill us with country charm.

Do you reward yourself? I once read an article that stated that after you complete a task on your list...you should reward yourself with a treat. I had to laugh at that. You see, I was stuffing my face at the time with a freshly baked  brownie and I had a cup of  hot tea by my side.

My belief is that we need to reward ourselves everyday whether it is a good day, a bad day, a productive day, or a day in which you wonder where did the time go? It's okay.

Now when I'm talking about a reward, I'm thinking in terms of simplicity and appreciating life. We need to take that time. I've created a little ritual everyday in which I drink my tea in one of my pretty country white cups. And I do feel special drinking chocolate hazelnut tea from it. The cups were a recent purchase from a flea market. The man practically gave the set to me. I couldn't whisk them away fast enough. You see, I have a passion for country white dishes. Let's just say I have a passion for all country whites.  

 So go ahead. Make some time for yourself. You deserve it.

‘Country Whites Weekend’
The third weekend of every month…
Friday morning through Sunday evening.

Held jointly here at
Old Time Farmhouse 
Link here or there and you will show up on both blogs.

Features will be held the following Friday.
Be sure to check both blogs to see if your country whites have been featured.

Please Do:
Write your country whites post first and link back here to Country Whites Weekend with text or link back with the Country Whites Weekend photo within your post.
Here at the party, be sure to link up your post url, not your blog url.
We’d appreciate it if you became a follower of both our blogs.
Take the time to visit at least 3 other party participants.

Please Don’t:
Link to shops, giveaways, parties and blog hops.
Link up something that you have already shared here.

Let the party begin!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Happy Horse Christmas

This is the story of a horse that was handmade 25 years ago as a special gift to me from my dear father-in-law.
This sweet little horse was starting to show his age and desired a new look.
After cleaning him up and giving him a new mane and tail, he's now happy and ready to go.

He' making the trip to PA to wish my granddaughter a Happy Horse Christmas.
My father-in-law is now 89 years young and is thrilled that his horse will be passed down to his great granddaughter. It's definitely a Happy Horse Christmas for us all!

Farmhouse Holiday Hugs,

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Monday, December 17, 2012

Rooster in Tree

Hey! There's a rooster in that thar tree!

Yep, that's Roo. Remember? He showed up one day and adopted me.
This is where he prefers to sleep every night.
Come on down, Roo! It's time for breakfast.

Stand back, everyone. Roo is serious about his food.
He can be fast and furious when it's breakfast time.
He's one big blur.

Actually, Roo prefers to stay in his tree when there is frost on the ground.
He doesn't like to get his tootsies cold so he'll stay in that tree until I call him down.
This was at 9:30 in the morning. I think someone is getting spoiled!

We just made a simple shelter for him. Now we have to convince him to use it.
Spoiled rooster!

Roo, the rooster is a perfect country white.

‘Country Whites Weekend’
A linky party held the third weekend of every month…
Friday morning through Sunday evening.

Held jointly here at Old Time Farmhouse 

Looking forward to you sharing your country whites starting December 21.

Extra farmhouse hugs
Praying for those that are hurting today,

Friday, December 14, 2012

Early Morning

It is cold.

It is white.

It is beautiful.

The early morning frost...a perfect country white.

‘Country Whites Weekend’
A linky party held the third weekend of every month…
Friday morning through Sunday evening.

Held jointly here at Old Time Farmhouse 

Looking forward to you sharing your country whites starting December 21.

Farmhouse hugs,

Monday, December 10, 2012

Vintage Farmhouse Christmas

Hi y'all! It's about time I share my dining room.
It has a mix of white and rustic elements.
And did you know that this once was a tiny bedroom?
We knocked the wall down that was between it and the kitchen.
Ahhh...much better now.

And as I've stated many times before...almost all my decor is from pickin' adventures.
Some say I'm frugal. No folks, I'm cheap and proud of it!
Even though I'm cheap, my decor does not have to look like that way.
It just gives me the opportunity to be creative. 
It makes me stretch my imagination and have fun with my farmhouse look.

To make the dining room festive for the holidays, 
I added a few vintage blue Christmas ornaments to my collection of white dishes. 

And a few white snowflakes. I did buy them from the dollar store.
I added them to dogwood branches that I spray painted white this past spring.

The rustic shelf is from barn wood that we salvaged from my sister's barn.

Love the texture of rustic wood and natural elements.

A child's sweet pair of mittens from long ago.

Here's Kate sporting a fake fur collar added to her vintage outfit.
A lady needs to stay warm and comfortable.

And a little snowman at her feet to keep her company.

A favorite vintage wire basket holding an old chenille bedspread. 

Hope you enjoyed my vintage farmhouse Christmas in my dining room.
If interested in my farmhouse Christmas decor in my living room and kitchen,  you can click here.

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Farmhouse hugs,
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