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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Do Ya Know How To Party?

Quick reminder...
Old Time Party
Friday, February 1

Some of us like to party. Tea parties and Linky parties. 
It's a great way to make new friends and stay in touch with old friends. 
I want to talk about how all us gal friends should party. 

How to Party!

*When we attend a tea party, we show our hostess some respect. We are polite and follow the rules within her home.
When we attend a Linky party, we need to take the time to read all the rules and then follow them accordingly.

*If your tea party hostess has a theme with her party, join in and enjoy her theme.
If your Linky party hostess has a specific theme, contribute to that theme. Don't link up whatever you wish.

*Some tea party hostesses have a guest book to sign when you arrive.
Most Linky party hostesses ask you to become a follower of their blog. If you're joining the party, it's considerate to follow the hostess.

*The tea party hostess warmly greets her guests and her guests are very appreciative for the invite by bringing a hostess gift.
The Linky party hostess warmly opens her blog to her guests and her guests are appreciative by linking back to her blog. This is standard procedure.

*As a tea party guest, one prepares for the party by wearing the proper attire, fixing hair and makeup.
As a Linky party guest, one prepares by writing the proper post, joining the party, and linking back. How?Just put in the name of the party or party button somewhere within your post. Highlight it, go up to the top and click 'link' and put in the post url of the hostess so that everyone who reads your blog can click on it to check out the party.

*When a tea party invite is sent to you, it has the correct address so you may attend.
When you accept a Linky party invite and join, you must include your post url address, not your blog url. What's the difference? Well, my blog url is http://www.oldtimefarmhouse.blogspot.com. If I link that up and visitors click on my link at the party, they will come to my blog, but not the post they are looking for. It is a waste of their time and they may never come back. Do you know how to find your post url? I'm no expert, but there are two ways that I know. When you are writing your post, there are Post Settings to the right. If you click on the 'Permalink' it shows your post url which you can copy and then paste at the party. The other way is just go to your blog and click on the title of your post. The post url will show up at the top of your computer in the address bar (the post url for this post is http://www.oldtimefarmhouse.blogspot.com/2013/01/do-ya-know-how-to-party.html).

*When attending a tea party, the guests have a good time mingling and chatting.
When attending a Linky party, don't be a wallflower. You should always stay, visit and mingle with some of  the other guests.

*When attending a tea party, you never want to overstay your welcome.
When attending a Linky party, you never want to overdo it. Don't jam the party with too many of your posts, repeat posts, and old posts. You will be known as a party pooper!

And speaking of parties...
 hope to see all my 'old' friends and some 'new' friends at the Old Time Party
this Friday, February 1!


Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I Win!

I'm an outdoor gal. Nature and I are like best friends.
My garden, the lake, the critters...they all make my spirit soar.

Oh, and the sweet little birds.
I enjoy listening to their songs when spring arrives.
I share their company in my garden during the summertime.
I like watching them during the fall while preparing for winter.
I delight in their visits to my deck to eat the seeds I put out especially for them during the cold months. 

So you can imagine how excited I was to win these two tea towels from
Aren't they as sweet as all get out!
Birds, nests, and stripes in red and blue.
Perfect for my farmhouse kitchen!
I love them!

And besides the two tea towels, she sent me a sweet little ole valentine and a dried orange slice that she made herself and shared the how to on her blog
Thank you so much, Jean! You're a good blogging buddy!


Monday, January 28, 2013

Cutie Pie

Someone thinks I'm a Cutie Pie!
Well she did not really say me personally, but...
she did mention my blog as the Cutie Pie.

Do you know Shabby Criss?
Go on over and check her out.
She's a Cutie Pie, too and passed this award on to me!
Thank you!

Now I'm supposed to pass this on to 10 other blogs and my problem is that I think everyone is a Cutie Pie!
I think some of you already know this so if you're wondering if I'm talking about you...yes I am!
Please grab the Cutie Pie button and put it on your blog.

And I'm sad to say that from here on out that my blog will be award and tag free.
Why? Cause I suck at this! I have tried to pass on awards before and it's just not my thang.
I'm not good at it and I feel bad if I don't include everyone.

Don't believe me? You should see what I go through for our Country Whites Weekend!
Fretting about choosing my pick for the month. It is truly agonizing.
I start with picking my top 10. Really! I need to pick one. Only one. Takes me forever.

So yes, I suck at this award thing. Sorry.
And now that I'm done admitting this...
Please go on over and visit Shabby Criss.
She truly is a Cutie Pie!


Friday, January 25, 2013

Featured Whites - Country Whites Weekend #2

Whoo-hoo! Thanks to all of you, we had one heck of a party!
We appreciate each and every one of you! 

You embraced your country whites and shared them with us.
You inspired us. You took us home. You filled us with country charm.

I , along with The Country Farm Home
are so honored and feel privileged to call you our country gal friends!

So are you ready?
It's time to announce our features! The top three with the most views...


Beautiful photography that sets a white country mood! It does speak to your soul. 
And Angie is so generous to share the sheet music graphic to this song.
Please country check it out! She'd be tickled if ya stopped by!

This living room shouts country~ rustic~farmhouse. Sigh. Just my style!
Go country check it out! She'd be pleased if ya did!

She's celebrating the season and hoping for snow with all her decor!
Please country check it out! She'd be happy if ya dropped by.

And now for my Country Whites pick of the month...

This photo makes me think of a cold country morning after doing chores on the farm and coming in to be warmed up with a cup of coffee at the kitchen table with a tasty slice of coffee cake on the side. 
And she shares her recipe for that coffee cake.
Go country check her out so she can share that recipe with you.

Next,  go on over to visit my Country Whites Weekend partner at The Country Farm Home to see her pick of the month. I know her pick, but I'll let her tell you.

    If you were featured, please feel free to grab our button to place on your blog.

Country Whites Weekend is always held the third Friday of every month.
The next party will be held February 15 so mark your calendar.
We're looking forward to seeing y'all then!


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I'm Pathetic

When it comes to technology...I'm pathetic!
I manage. I do. But is that enough?
If you scroll all the way down to the bottom of this blog, you'll see a photo.
A pretty photo of daises on a bench. It's thanking y'all for stopping by.

Problem is...it's not centered. It's off to the side.
I can fix it. If you don't believe me, go to my Old Time Pickers blog and take a look there.
I did center the picture I put there and slightly remember some of the steps to do so.

But, but, but...every time I want to do something to my blog even if I've done it before, I spend hours trying to figure it out all over again. That makes me pathetic!
And now after all these months, I believe the RSS feed is not working.

So when will I be able to center that photo and fix the RSS feed?
Maybe today. Maybe next week. Maybe next month. 
See...I'm pathetic!  :)


Monday, January 21, 2013

Roo Wrangling

Ever wrangle a rooster?

Y'all know Roo, the rooster who adopted me.
I feed him, I water him,
and I made a simple shelter for him.

He eats, he drinks,
but he will not use his shelter.
He prefers to roost in our tree.

That's all fine and dandy until now. The weather is getting extremely cold.
The schools are announcing delays for tomorrow morning due to the cold. 
And as I looked outside, I could see the wind rustling Roo's feathers and thought there was no way I could allow him to stay there through the night.

I told hubby we were going to get Roo.
And what's your plan?...hubby asks.
As I started explaining how we'd do it, I got a case of the giggles then became hysterical at the thought of the two of us trying to catch a rooster.
Hubby says...laugh now cause I'm sure you'll be cussing before this is all over.

The plan was to capture Roo, get him in the dog crate, and put him in the garage for the night...whether he liked it or not. 
Dog crate is ready. Hubby has a rake. I have a blanket. 
We made our way out to the tree with Roo watching.
Roo likes me, but this is different. And he knows it. And he wants no part of it.

He went flying off. I knew the faster we worked, the better.
After playing ring around the garden a few times, we were able to direct him towards the house.
He was running towards the crate. It's now or never.
We cornered him, he panicked, and ran right into the crate.
All done in just a few minutes.

He's in the garage now, out of the cold.
I checked on him and he's all settled in the straw bed we made for him.
All is good for now. And I did not cuss! Not even once.
Crazy bird!


Saturday, January 19, 2013

Friday, January 18, 2013

Country Whites Weekend #2 - Country Kate

Welcome to Country Whites Weekend!
It’s plain and simple and oh, so sweet.
Embrace your country whites and share them here!  
Inspire us. Take us home. Fill us with country charm.

Hope y’all have had a wonderful week!
I’ve been staying tucked in, out of the dreary wet and cold these days.
I’m so looking forward to the warmer weather so I can get out and about.
I want to do some of my favorite things.

And what do I like to do best? Pickin’ has to be at the top of my list.
One fun pickin’ adventure brought me face to face with Kate.
We immediately hit it off! She has lots of ‘old time’ style.
Look at her blouse…pretty, handmade, and old.
And she’s a country gal through and through.

She was looking for a new home so I offered her mine.
She quickly agreed when she found out that I lived in the country.
Since then, we’ve had fun playing with vintage material, lace, and jewelry.
Just a couple of country gal pals, we are...living happily ever after!

‘Country Whites Weekend’
The third weekend of every month…
Friday morning through Sunday evening.

Held jointly at
Old Time Farmhouse 
Link here or there and you will show up on both blogs.

Features will be held the following Friday,
so be sure to come back and check out both our blogs.
Wishing to keep it sweet and simple, we will continue to visit everyone, but without commenting so we can dedicate our time to choosing our picks for the features.

Please Do:
Write your country whites post first and link back here to Country Whites Weekend with text or link back with the Country Whites Weekend photo within your post.
Here at the party, be sure to link up your post url, not your blog url.
We’d appreciate it if you became a follower of both our blogs.
Take the time to visit at least 3 other party participants.

Please Don’t:
Link to shops, giveaways, parties and blog hops.
Link up something that you have already shared here.

Let the party begin!


Thursday, January 17, 2013

Just Reminding You That...

Country Whites Weekend
will begin tomorrow morning first thing and go through the weekend!

Have a white critter ya want to show off?
Do ya have a winter wonderland out back?
How about some good old white farmhouse decor?
Make or bake anything white in the kitchen, lately?
Hmmm...the possibilities are endless!
Inspire us. Take us home. Fill us with country charm.
The Country Farm Home and I will be hosting and are so excited to see all your Country Whites!

Let's party!


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Sourdough and Taxes Don't Mix

I've been working on my sourdough in the kitchen.
And I've been working on the business taxes at my desk.
Ya know what? They don't mix!
I compare a new sourdough experience to that of getting a new pet.

You have to feed it.
You have to water it.
You have to keep an eye on it.
You have to give it some love.
And maybe, if you're lucky, it will turn out to be a good experience.

Let's just say, it is keeping me occupied. Problem is...those darn taxes. 
They are also keeping me occupied. 
So while I'm tapping at the calculator and working with numbers at my desk, I'd rather be in the kitchen with an apron on playing with my sourdough.

So far, I have been able to make perfect pancakes. Good. 
I then squeezed in some time for biscuits that were like rocks. Not so good. 
I just need the time to bond with my sourdough and practice the possibilities.
The business paperwork is almost done so I'll be back at it in the kitchen soon.
More sourdough drama to be revealed, I'm sure!
For those who asked, I will soon share the steps I've taken.
I mean, who doesn't want to know how to make biscuits that are as hard as rocks!?!


Friday, January 11, 2013

Old Time Features & A Winner

Good Friday morning, y'all!
Hope you're having a farmtastic week!
It's that time again to share the top 3 from the Old Time Party.

But before I do, I've had some requests for more information on my sourdough starter.
I'll provide some insight and what I've done sometime next week.
I'm no expert and this is my first shot at it, but I'm willing to share what I've learned up to this point.
Check back later if interested.

Okay, here are the top 3...

The most viewed was 'My Country Farmhouse Kitchen' at Cynthia Lee Designs.


Look at that farmhouse sink! And that light! And everything else! Great style!


The second most viewed was 'First Paint Project of 2013~Mercury Glass Buffet and Hutch' at Blue Clear Sky.

She transformed this beauty with paint and added natural elements mixed with vintage finds. Love it!

The third most viewed was 'Three Table Runners--One Tutorial' at The Country Farm Home.

How pretty is this and it's hand stitched! Such nice detailing!

Thank you all for joining in and taking the time to visit others.
I appreciate each and everyone of you!

And now for the winner of the apron giveaway...

Congratulations to Carolyn at Chenille Cottage!!! 


Thursday, January 10, 2013

Sourdough Start is Sweet & Simple

I'm getting my farm gal on with my first attempt at sourdough starter.
I'm so excited! It's working!

It has bubbles and a good smell to it.
For now, I have to feed it twice a day to get it going.

This morning, I had to pour off some starter before feeding it again.
So what did I do with the pour off? 
I had to make a small batch of sourdough pancakes just for me.

I like this sweet and simple farm gal approach.
How about you? Do you have some sourdough starter in your kitchen?

Farmhouse hugs,
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